Celebration time again !!!

Father's Day 2017 Celebration : How to make it special for your Dad ?

Come 21st June and we embark to celebrate Father`s Day. Never before has so much light been thrown on it as these days. Probably because the position or let`s say Fatherhood is on the makeover. Emotions attached to other celebrations like Grandparents Day (they are child`s best and natural ally) , Brother`s Day /Sister`s Day (aah!!!siblings, always partners in crime; closest bond shared) , Mother`s Day (oops! My miniscule mind and skills are trying to tread on the topic too big for my pen) have remained more or less the same. However, these days as our society evolves, it is the Fathers who have come out of the closet and are gaining as much prominence and role as the mothers.

Socially, culturally, historically whatever angle we think, men were considered to be providers. Raising a family, teaching values, morals, basic life lessons, involving around kids etc. was predominantly a woman’s space. There used to be no embarrassment involved in not knowing the ages, class, interests or such basic things about their kids. How often we have heard when we go wrong or don’t know anything people ranting “Mummy ne kuch sikhaaya nahin.” How ridiculous! Without further digressions let me say that this used to be a common scenario running in our past. Before anyone trains guns at me, let me clarify that there were ‘modern’ dads too in the past. Please don’t take it as an attempt to malign anyone.

Move over and we come to a transcending change and here comes an alpha male on stage. He is responsible, caring and knows that marriage and responsibilities that come with it are like an equal partnership. He is well aware of the fact that the best thing he can do for his kids is to love and respect their mother. He takes time out of his busy schedule, involves in his children’s lives and understands that a child does not need his money alone but love, time and nurturing.

The new age dad can be seen caring for and comforting mom- to- be in distress when in labour, sharing the responsibility of bringing up their bundle of joy, getting up in the nights when the baby cries and changing diapers. Many MNC’s have now come up with paternity leave keeping in mind the changing societal trends.

Now the house is a home and not a lodge to him. No longer is he a lousy man who comes home, has food, gets up and then goes to work. A father’s presence is more and more found around these days. He gives his precious weekends to kids playing, listening, teaching them and realising that his children’s success, failures and mistakes are not only to be burdened on his spouse but are his responsibility as well. And what a better way than leading by example. I have personally come across fathers who include in their share of duties waking up the kids, getting them ready for school or even going to the extent on some days packing their tiffin. Hats off to all the guys out there for understanding how fathers conduct themselves is so important because they teach unconsciously their sons how to treat their wives and their daughters what to expect from a marriage.

To quote Reed Markham, “The quality of a Father can be seen in the goals, dreams, and aspirations he sets not only for himself but for his family.”

So all the fathers out there be it Gen X, Y or Z, please take a bow, the spotlight is on you. Thank you for putting your heart and soul in bringing us up. May God bless you with lots of health and happiness and may we always grow by your shadow. A very happy Father’s Day!!!


Let’s talk….

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I remember as if it were yesterday. My daughter, then a sixth grader, had come home from school unusually quite-no sharing titbids from school, no excitement, no complaining. My overtly motherly instinct thought of all possible wrongs – test gone wrong, fight with a bestie, bullying issues but thought of giving her some time.After lunch, as I winded the kitchen, she quietly crept and asked me slowly ” would you also not let me near others when I have my periods”

God!!! It just pierced…. Her friend Ishwari (name changed) had been excited about her upcoming favourite festival. She would talk at length the preparations which were underway. But then, she started with her periods during the celebrations. They had shared in the school how she was not allowed during the puja times, she was not allowed to touch prasad or come near her granny in the kitchen. She said she had been told that she was impure for some days and would anger her God.

The hollowness in her moist eyes and the pain in her choked voice send me into thinking. I was angry, I felt helpless and as I hugged her, I assured and promised her that my princess could never be impure and there is nothing wrong in having periods.

The write up is not intended to offend traditions or religious beliefs but an attempt to see the other side of a thing which is as natural as breathing and is still shamed and is a taboo.

Menarche, ie the start of periods, is a big event in any girl’s life. We have gone through the same and as mothers we should try to make the transition from girlhood to womanhood smooth, fearless and least confusing for our daughters.

Start talking about puberty to your daughter as you see early signs or as she approaches 10 years of age. As per doctors, the girls reach puberty earlier than what it used to be in our times.

There is NO shame as you tell her the physiological changes that she is experiencing slowly. Tell her that it is absolutely normal if her t- shirt is getting tighter at the chest, or she notices hair growth.

DO NOT be the one to talk in whispers or secret language or smiling shyly as you tell her about hormonal changes. Kids associate things easier if they know that mom went through this too and she is not alone.

Take her along with you as you shop for sanitary napkins.

Educate her about menstrual hygiene. It is very important to tell our girls about the importance of regular changing the napkins, disposal and self hygiene. Unfortunately so many girls, especially in rural India, still do not have access to proper sanitary conditions and end up getting infections.

DO NOT wait for her to start the periods–imagine her horror if one fine day out with friends or in the school she starts with menses and the poor child is clueless as to what is happening.

DO NOT restrict or discourage her movements, her play time or sport activities until she is uncomfortable with flow or the associated pain and discomfort.

It came as a horrid shock to me when my daughter told me that some girls coming from good (read educated) families think that mingling with a girl who is having menses is contagious!!!!! Seriously, is this what we are teaching our next generation or is it a result of a misinformed teen gathering information hushly from friends or internet.

Menses or having periods is a sign that the body is preparing every month for an impending pregnancy and in the absence of which sheds it all. This is how the circle of life is meant to go on and not to be something to go shhhh…..

There is light at end of the tunnel

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I want to complain…. It’s been more than a week of lockdown.
I am just not happy and I simply want to complain and my list doesn’t seem to be a miniscule 😌 I want to sulk, crib, get angry and/or complain about :
1)Setting my alarm to early morning and packing the tiffins
2) Going crazy running around trying to push my kids out of home in time for school
3) Constantly keeping an eye on the clock to see how late my daily house help is despite repeated assurances
4)How crowded our roads are and what a harrowing experience if you are a pedestrian
5)That driver who takes the wrong side of the road thinking out to be his own
6)The constant honking on the road that disturbs the evening calm
7)The waiting time at my Dr’s clinic ;why can’t he be on time ; why are there so many before me
8)Why can’t I have a quite meal without thinking or worrying about dropping and picking kids from their extra curriculum classes.. What do I think they would grow to be – Picaso, Mozart 😉
9)That 5minutes wait which stretches to eternity for my hubby to come home so that I can wind my kitchen(a big shout out to that 😁)
10) When my kids don’t come back home on time from playing outside…

11) The long wait to cross the red signal and the cursing when the wait extends beyond one green signal
Uff 😒😕 so on and so forth…..
So, let’s help each other so that we can go back asap do to what we are good at… Complaining 😂
Be a responsible citizen.. Stay home.. Stay safe… Help the government in helping us… A big salute to all those selflessly working for our safety
Share and add your complaints 😀

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Life begins at 40

Who says life stops at 40?In fact,40 is the new 20!!! More and more women are realizing this and have inspirational stories to share. Women by the time cover around 4 decades of their lives, have gained enough wisdom, have toiled really hard, have seen lots of ups and downs and believe me life has literally turned them into a toughie. They are fierce, won’t take things lying down and do not give a damn to what society thinks; so don’t mess with them 😁Follow these tips and discover a new you.

Follow your passion : You have done it all; got married, raised kids, taught them, taken care of the family, seen to it that things were going well and what not all. But in all these things, where were you? Find time for yourself. Each one of us have a secret passion that brings us happiness. Pursue that. Join dance classes, take music lessons, go for swimming, read and write, take that artist out in you or whatever introduces you to yourself and makes you happy.

Take care of your health: Nothing is more important than that. Summarizing few important things :

  • Declutter your mind and prioritize your life. After all a healthy mind resides in a healthy body.
  • Have preventive health checks depending on what your doctor recommends based on your health conditions. Take regular dental examination (it’s painful and expensive if problem is not nipped in the bud😀).
  • Take one hour at least for exercise – pick what interests you and suits your body; yoga, cardio workouts, zumba classes, aerobics….
  • Take a healthy diet- Be careful with what you eat. Calcium and phosphorus for bones , potassium and magnesium for fluid balance and nerve and muscle signal and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Take a fibre rich diet for healthy colon and gastrointestinal tract.
  • Consult your gynecologist- Take regular breast examination ( if you don’t know the mirror test, ask your gynecologist). Get a pap smear done once a year and HPV screening as per your doctor’s recommendation. Prevention is always better than cure. Talk to your doctor if you have menstrual issues.

Look beyond your kids : We as mothers are very particular, discreet, extra cautious and many other like adjectives when it comes to kids. They have been nurtured with great love and care. You have taught them enough. You have put your heart and soul in them. Their wings are gaining strength to fly and soar the sky. Stop running after them. Make sure you are there when they turn around for guidance, support, love and help but don’t cling. Do not prepare the road for them, instead make them ready to walk on the road.

Stop pleasing others :You have devoted your golden years to your spouse, kids, in-laws, friends and everyone. Even after all the care and love you still have to explain or prove anything to them, stop blaming yourself or your fate. After all everyone does not have good taste 😝

Stay in touch with your parents : We are blessed to have loving hands of our parents on our heads. If you stay close to them or in the same city, visit them regularly . If this is not possible, call them daily and talk to them. Nothing would cheer them more than just a reassurance that their kids care for them.

Pamper yourselves-Take spa sessions, make some salon buddy and enjoy sessions jointly, buy yourself good stuff, travel and be independent. Take a new hair cut or try a new clothing style. Shun the old you and discover a new one.

Enjoy, take care and love a healthy you.

A dreamy wish

Raksha’s infectious smile and ringing of her laughter could not be missed today. She looked no less than a goddess – her flawless complexion, petite figure, lustrous hair, her henna tattooed hands, tinkling of her bangles and oh- so- perfect attire was an envy and a desire for her colleagues. She proudly flaunted her diamond necklace which she got as a gift from her beloved husband, Vikram. After all it was Karva Chauth, a once a year celebration of the love which binds the two souls together. It was difficult to say who was more lucky; her husband for having her, a wonderful combination of beauty and brains, or she for being blessed with a perfect match. The chattering and laughter at the table withered away as lunch time came to an end and it was back to work.

Raksha quickly slipped to the restroom, closed the door behind her and sobbed. She was exhausted of a fake life in front of her friends. Her just so perfect marriage was a disaster. She gripped the necklace which seemed like a noose around her neck. No one, literally no one, knew and understood her pain. Nothing changed in the last 8 years not even the birth of her daughter. The love and respect that she craved for never came her way. She didnt have scars to show anyone but her heart was bruised. Vikram worked in a multi national company at a good post. He was smart, intelligent and highly qualified.The reality dawned on her soon after the honeymoon period was over. The love and romance fizzed out. He had a penchant for controlling her. Vikram had a weakness for women and Raksha was tired of his roving eyes. Initially she blamed herself for everything , but soon realised that she was fighting a lost battle. His constant reassuring her of trying to change himself and giving him a second chance for the sake of their child were all sham. The emotional turmoil in her affected her badly. Vikram was the only man she had ever loved and still hoped for a miracle.

As she drove back home, she hoped Vikram was home early. How fun it would be having him by her side as she breaks her fast, having her first bite for the day from him, he acknowledging her presence in his life, appreciating her for all that she`s ever done for him, and standing by him in all his thick and thin. This would be her ideal gift; not the shiny stones that though costly never spoke of the love she wanted. But alas, it was after all just a wish……

Raksha opened the front door of her apartment. Instead of darkness and silence it was diyas and melodious laughter that greeted her. Raksha couldn’t believe her eyes. She pinched herself to make sure she was not dreaming. Her little daughter came running out to her.

“Mumma! Papa is home. We are playing snakes and ladder. Come and join us!”

Raksha suspiciously went inside.On the way in she noticed that the bedroom had been lit up with lights and her favourite lilies adorned the vases.

“You’re looking so pretty today,” Vikram remarked. “You must be tired. Don’t worry we have already had something to eat.”

“Papa made pasta!” beamed the little girl. Raksha went into the kitchen to clean up but received another surprise- the kitchen was already clean.That evening the family spent time singing and giggling. This was just so perfect and Raksha wished her day never ended. But still one thing perplexed her- what transpired and brought a change in Vikram.

That night before going to bed, Raksha went to her little angel`s room and noticed an open diary. On it were the most innocent words ever written, Dear God, my bedtime wish for today is to see mom happy. Please tell papa the same.

She raised her eyes and saw Vikram standing in front of her. He caressed her hand and all that he could manage to say was, Sorry, I will keep our princess`s wish.

A wish that God would fulfill not only hers but countless such Rakshas who spend the day without eating and drinking not because it is a ritual that just has to be followed but out of sheer love and respect for their better half and hope to get the same in return.

चाँद मे दिखती है मुझे मेरे पिया की सूरत, चाँद संग चांदनी सी है मुझे भी उनकी जरुरत

A very Happy Karwa Chauth to all lovely ladies!!!!

Author`s note- The characters in the write up are entirely fictitious.( Image courtesy Google)

Tackle motion sickness while travelling

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It`s Diwali time and that means not just fun and frolic but also travelling. Of lately, Indians have become quite vacation friendly with travel industry getting a boost. But what`s the hitch here is that many of us suffer from motion sickness.

Motion sickness is quite common. It leads to nausea, vomitting, dizziness and uneasiness. It can even be hereditary and run in families(like mine 🙂 ) However , don`t let it dampen the spirit and follow these tips to enjoy the trip. But before that, it becomes imperative for us to know that motion sickness is caused when there is conflicting signs received by nervous system by inner ear, eyes and other sensory receptors.

1.There are some over-the counter medicines available. Take it around one and half hour before the start of the journey. Some of these can cause drowsiness so talk to your doctor first and plan accordingly especially if you are driving.

2.Do not travel immediately after a heavy meal. Eat light. Do not travel empty stomach too- this can be disastrous too.

3.Do not eat greasy, spicy food. Keep munching on the way- light salted crackers, something sweet like jam.Chewing gum can relieve motion sickness too.

4.Do not read while travelling. This is a very common mistake travellers do to distract themselves. Instead look outside the window in the same direction of travelling over the horizon at some distant object.

5.Preferable close your eyes and take a nap.

6.While flying, request for a seat over the wings and on the window.Do not sit in the front or back of the plane. If possible sit in the front seat of the car.

7. Pack some tangy candies like orange ,pepermint and lime flavoured. Sip lemonade on the way. This helps when feeling uneasy.

8.Take in fresh cool air. Avoid strong odours.

9.While travelling in a plane, always see that your seat has a sickness bag or request for one. Carry small hand towels for washing and wiping if you are travelling by car. Never forget to pack some kind of disposable bags in case you throw up.

So this Diwali do not hesitate to either meet your loved ones or take a holiday. Travel, enjoy, eat and Laugh. Bon Voyage !!!!

Nirmala ma`am, is this going to be our next cess ?

Navratri`s here and what could be better than the vibrant colours, the fasting fun, lip smacking bengali delicacies, puja pandals and devotion. No matter which way we celebrate it, be it Gujrati way with colourful attires, garba and dandiya or the beautiful pandals of Mahishasur-vadhni in Bengali way or the Punjabi style with vrat ka khana, loud punjabi devotional songs and kanyaa pujan, Navratri brings with itself fun, frolic and start of festivities culminating with Diwali.

Social media is abuzz these days with how we celebrate the Goddess within… Every woman is Durga, Kali, Parvati or Shakti in herself . Yes, true indeed. Women of today-multi-faceted, multi talented, balancing work and home, courageous, breaking barriers, etc.

यत्र नार्यस्तु पूज्यन्ते रमन्ते तत्र देवताः।
यत्र तास्तु न पूज्यन्ते सर्वास्तत्राफलाः क्रियाः॥
Which means ,Where women are respected, there even the Gods rejoice.Where they are not respected, all actions are fruitless there!

How true in our country where women are worshipped with such enthusiasm and devotion for nine days. Can`t understand where does this all go when my house maid does not come for few days because she has been battered by her good for nothing, drunkard husband who does not do anything but just demands money. Such an irony – where men worship Durga , where we regard girls as kanjak(divine form of durga) yet she is killed before she is born and is subjected to all kinds of atrocities and abuse; physical, sexual , emotional and financial.

Such acts are not just restricted to the low income strata of the society but unfortunately, even the “educated” , “qualified” and high office bearers do the same. Women have continued to suffer in silence for varied reasons- financial dependence on husbands, social stigma attached to divorces, lack of parental support once they are married off and age old customs of putting husbands on highest pedestal and giving then God like stature. It is not uncommon for parents to preach their daughters about adjusting, compromising with in-laws. So often parents question there daughters that if they are not subjected to physical abuse so then what the problem is? Are the marks on a woman`s body the only testimony of her sufferings? What about the mental and emotional torture which no one can see but only she she subjected to?What might seem all hanky-panky from outside , might not be so indeed. If things were such that they could be taught, then probably something could have been done by now. But how to correct behavioural issues which have deep seeded in our society and how to bring a change in the mind sets?

Women ,most of the time, long for love, respect, acceptance and understanding. As per the Hindu mythology ,arthanareeswarar form symbolises the synthesis of Shakti with Shiva, the supreme masculine and feminine energies of the universe. It is believed that Shakti was created when the tridev-Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh combined their energies to slay the demons.When our scriptures hold a woman in such high regards, then from where has evil crept in our society?

One of my regulars during Navratri is my visit to the neighbourhood Durga Puja pandal. What a sight to behold!! Fierce, yet so beautiful eyes of Maa Durga as she slays the demon.Few months back, when our honourable Finance Minister presented the budget, she very aptly quoted Swami Vivekanand when she said,”There is no chance for welfare of the world unless the condition of women is improved.It is not possible for a bird to fly on one wing.” Kudos, what a thought.

One thing which has everyone talking and getting attention is TAX. Like when Swach Bharat Cess was introduced, it did create a lot of buzz but it caught everyone’s attention. Nirmala ma’am, if there is an iota of a chance that you happen to read this, may be you can try putting a behavioral cess 🙂 ….May be it will serve as a reprimand for the erring society and bring a change which is much sought for.

With no malice to Newton and Einstein

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Few days back, I heard a little girl mouthing to a witch in one of the super natural thrillers that when she is not scared of her maths teacher at school, then how can she be scared of a witch!!! Gosh! Is maths that scary?? I don’t know about others but it was definitely to me as a kid . It gave me sleepless nights, scary days, boredom and worse brought me shame, low self esteem and low self confidence. I clearly remember, as if it was yesterday, when we used to get our answer sheets, I used to top my class till maths teacher came in. To make the matters worse, if you are born in a highly illustrous intellectual family with parents, uncles and aunts doctors and engineers and siblings flaunting degrees from IITs and IIMs , the pressure to excel in maths and science is enormous.

However, since childhood my preference and forte had always been languages. I excelled in Languages and had a keen interest in what was considered faltu (useless) i.e. writing autobiographies, literature (Shakespeare and Wordsworth remain my first love till date) , psychology and surprisingly biology. I felt so guilty that I couldn’t do justice to my parents efforts and dreams (the mystery continues as to why I needed my physics to be perfect if I was to sit for my medical exam). Anyways, as destiny had it, I eventually ended up doing my masters in English though professionally I am a CA.

Surprisingly, though there is a lot of awareness nowadays among parents and children alike about choosing their career as per their interests and fortunately a lot of options and avenues have opened besides the conventional ones, unlike our times, still it is considered prestigious to opt for science stream. I had students who used to feel inferior just because their friends managed to get science stream and they could not. Worse, there are some who are compelled to carry the burden of subjects that they are not proficient in just because parents want to. What I feel worst is when a child is repeatedly branded as ‘useless’ ‘worthless’ or ‘you are upto no good’ or ‘you will end up doing nothing’…. Believe me such constant degrading will definitely make him/her feel that way. Please put an end to it. Always remember and here I quote Shakespeare- There are three people in yourself – who people think you are, who you think you are, and who you really are.

Most of the schools are having their exams these days, some really anxious moments by children and parents alike. Instead of comparing, pressuring or constantly speaking ill , assure the child that no matter what the report card shows, he /she is loved. It is not the end of road if your child secures less marks than your friends’ kids or does not top the class. I am appalled on seeing some parents even beating their kids for not performing well. Such a behaviour on the part of the parents creates a wall between them and the child. It is absolutely fine if he gets some questions wrong by mistake (after all ,to err is human ). At the end of the day my child is not a trophy I want to flaunt. Neither is he a way to fulfill my incomplete or failed aspirations. My child has his own identity,it is his life and wants a constant assurance that I am there to guide, support and show him the way. All I want is my child to be happy, confident and self sufficient. Full marks or pile of degrees or a 7 figure salary is not going to guarantee my child happiness. And nothing in this world comes for free. Are we ready to let our kids go through the rigours of life?There have been examples of people living their dream lives but succumbing to the pressures of life.

Let us stop judging our children. Everybody is a GeniusBut If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live Its whole life believing that it is stupid. (So aptly stated by Einstein). Let the children choose their calling. Choosing humanities is as fine as science. Definitely science is all-pervasive and opens the door to many career options but studying humanities or commerce is as lucrative. It helps students to build their critical reading, creativity, writing skills and human behaviour amongst many other. A career in finance was and will always be a wonderful option. Not knowing science or having a lesser interest in it does not make a child less smart. Psychologists and educators around the world have acknowledged that there are many different kinds of intelligence and this is just one of it. Interestingly, over the past year or two, some of the highest cut offs and the maximum applications for under graduate courses have been for Psychology, Economics and English. Careers in mass communication, graphics, fine arts, designing,counselling, content writing, translators etc. are some of the doors open to students.

To sum up, every child is not born an Einstein but hard work can make an average child shine too. Let children put their heart and soul into their work. Again quoting The Bard,  “ It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.”

Which is your pick?

Once upon a time in a far away land, lived a baby named Fleur. She was as pretty as Snow white, had a kind heart like Cinderella and was as brave as Bella (No, she did not have a wicked stepmother). She was born to a modest, humble hard working couple who lived in the lap of nature. No one knew, but they were bestowed by the forest fairies some magical gifts for protecting their habitat from destruction by evil humans. The couple was elated by the birth of Fleur and they raised her with all the love and care.

However, the toil of raising a baby soon started to take it`s toll on them. Between feeding, burping, changing and sleepless nights, they hardly had the time to go and fetch supplies for her ever changing size. The vexed parents dug their closet and found a crystal ball gifted by fairy. As they gazed into it looking for answers, they stumbled upon what looked alien to them- ‘firstcry.com‘. But what surprised them the most was the variety, prices and the ease of ‘anytime, anything, anywhere‘. The perplexed couple knocked on the door of Tech fairy. She gladly explained the various facets of what is called online shopping and had the necessary set up for them and thus they were introduced to a magical world.

Viola!!! Their joy knew no bounds as they bought simplest to fanciest stuff, traditional and modern, basic baby supplies to toys with the ease of return and replacement if their princess didn’t like anything. As time flew and Fleur grew up, her needs increased. However now instead of fretting, her parents were able to give her choicest of school supplies with just a click. Bags, pouches, pens, pencils, erasers, bottles, colours, notebooks, she named it and they had it.

Good sense prevailed and the parents were smart enough to set aside a limited amount each time they spent and stuck to that. Unknowing to them, they were following the premise of budget shopping and reaped the benefits viz a viz saving time, saving overspending, having money control, making the best use of their money.

Time flew by and a day came when Fleur was ready to face the world and had to step out of the comfort zone of her home and go for higher education. With a heavy heart she bade goodbye to her parents and set out for the change. But unfortunately the things didn’t go the way she thought. As her peers flaunted their cool flashy trendy things, Fleur was left behind in the fashion race. A kind girl asked Fleur to accompany her on her next shopping trip. She took her to some of the coolest shopping experiences to the lanes and by lanes of some famous markets . Fleur’s joy knew no bounds as if she had stumbled upon Alladin’s magic lamp. Not only did Fleur shopped till she dropped , but was introduced to the joys of haggling. What a satisfying experience was that for her!!! She pocketed the best of the bargains. And the cherry on the top was the scrumptious roadside eateries she savored 😋

Today, Fleur is overjoyed as she carries her bundle of joy in her arms. Time has been kind to her. She is smart and an educated woman of 20s. She has inherited from her parents wisdom, kindness and of course the family heirloom – the crystal ball. She is not a compulsive shopper and knows the difference between her needs and wants. She shops online and grasps the best festive offers and when time permits takes her kids out to shopping malls for a wonderful family time.

There she is able to get some good brands under one roof. The hustle bustle, the themed shopping and decor as per festivals, the feel good factor, the entertainment and the eating out options make it a perfect Sunday. She gets the comfort of shopping leisurely. She need not worry about the changing and feeding of her baby as such facilities are provided for in the mall. Her elder one, who is a toddler, can jump on a chuk-chuk or go to the kids play area ;she need not worry about him keeping engaged. The family at times opts for multi-tasking at the mall to optimise the time and energy. The flea market attached to the mall is the perfect place to shop for knick-knacks.

Fleur is a responsible citizen. Instead of throwing away her family`s old reusable stuff, she puts a classified advertisement on OLX or Quikr. Though she does not need the crystal ball anymore, she keeps the priced possession to herself. Clothes, toys, books, tricycle etc have been successfully used by other parents for their children.

The circle of life continues and so does the requirements. The way we fill in these, depends on our choice, expectations, needs and mood. Happy shopping !!!!

An open letter to ISRO

I am an ordinary citizen of a great nation. Amongst the many stories that I would have to tell my coming generation would be the ecstacy we felt about on how the Indian space program marked a place for itself among the international ones…. How inspiring the journey had been for our generation.

Yesterday, as millions of Indians waiting with abated breath to witness the history in making, they were joined by space enthusiasts all over the world. Though the last 100 seconds bought a tense mood, what remained was a HUGELY applauded effort, the selfless love for the country and dedication of the whole team.

What chandrayaan 2 left behind for us were lessons – that nothing is impossible, no matter what the world thinks or do believe in yourself, and that ‘apna time aayega‘. As a mother to two children growing up in new India, I thank you for instilling hope and pride in our kids. Today when I opened the science book of my 10 year old, what caught my attention next to a muscular system were the words scribbled by my kid which read “I am going to send chandrayaan 2 back” (please excuse her naivety;by the time she grows up, we would have accomplished much more).

After we watched Mangalayaan documentary, my daughter was filled with excitement on seeing women scientists being part of the coveted project. She dreams of being one of those one day. No longer do I hear her friends say they want to fly away and look for better prospects abroad or join NASA. You have silenced parents who always thought rocket science was predominantly men expertise and women are better suited for simpler things.

Thank you ISRO for being the role models. Thank you for teaching our kids the importance of patience, perseverance and hard work. When you have the love, support and faith of millions, there is nothing to lose or fear. Be fearless, victory and success will be ours.

Jai hind. Jai Bharat.